Angels United takes another powerful step towards supporting those affected by baby and child loss with the launch of their new away kit, designed to raise awareness and spark important conversations.

Angels United, known for their commitment to social causes, has unveiled a poignant and meaningful away kit aimed at shining a spotlight on the sensitive topic of baby and child loss. The launch, held at Astley sports village, not only showcased the team’s dedication to football excellence but also highlighted their passion for creating positive change within society.

The away kit, designed in collaboration with Cre8tive Teamwear, embodies the club’s deep empathy and commitment to supporting individuals and families affected by baby and child loss. The predominantly white jersey carries subtle yet powerful pin-stripes made up on the clubs most important hashtags, as used on social media, representing hope, resilience, and remembrance. The jerseys also carry the names of each players own angel, symbolizing the everlasting bond between parents and their angel babies.

The purpose behind the design goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a conversation starter, aiming to break the silence and stigmas surrounding baby and child loss. By wearing this kit, the players and supporters of Angels United aim to create awareness and foster a compassionate and supportive environment for those who have experienced the devastating loss of a child.

Angels United has once again demonstrated their commitment to using their platform to address important societal issues. With the launch of this empowering away kit, the club aims to raise awareness, break the silence surrounding baby and child loss, and provide solace and support to those who have endured this profound loss. By donning this kit, players, family members and fans alike stand united in their determination to create a more compassionate and understanding world while continuing to #BreakTheSilence that surrounds baby and child loss.